Your First Visit

If you are new to our practice, we look forward to meeting you and your pet(s) and want to make sure your visit is comfortable and pleasant. We work by appointment in order to minimize wait times and to provide as much time as needed to assess and treat every patient.  Our client services team will be happy to assist you in scheduling a convenient appointment time. You are welcome to request a specific doctor, but we hope you will get to know all the doctors at Bayleaf Veterinary Hospital.

We strongly recommend pet carriers for cats (and some smaller dogs) and leashes for dogs. The street and parking lot can be busy and pets may get very excited by all the activity. If your pet is bothered by other pets, let the client services team know in advance and we can minimize or eliminate the time your pet spends in our reception area.

During the examination and treatment of your pet, the doctor will be assisted by a member of the nursing team. They are trained to safely and comfortably restrain your pet. Most pets will respond better to restraint by someone other than the owner. It works best when the owner remains relaxed and in view of the patient during the examination.

After your appointment, our staff can check you out either at the reception counter, or in the exam room. They are also happy to assist getting your pets to and from your car.

Bayleaf Veterinary Hospital has grown and thrived on the goodwill and satisfaction of our clients. We would greatly appreciate your feedback. You  encourage you to do this on our website. Simply click on “Contact Us’ and “Provide Feedback”.