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Lulu taking a bath

This picture was taken on the car ride back from my in-laws after they played all day with our 6 year old niece and 9 year old nephew 🙂

Morgan Roberts: Morgan loves the snow!!!

River and Jordan playing in the snow!

Rufus enjoyed a spin around the block in Earl's hot rod. And no, he wasn't driving! 🙂

Pippin making herself comfortable in Grammie and Grandpa's bed!

The "Griff" and Jeff My Guys takin' a moment to "chill" and smile for the camera!

Willie is my best buddy.

Mattie and Lily: These two buddies were both adopted from Wake County Animal Center.

Teddy went to steamboat springs Co and wanted to dress up like a cowboy

Jackson driving: Turn the mirror back so I can see to drive!

Katie Johnston: My bionic eye gives me special powers that get me into trouble.

Grace Johnston: Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!

Pampered Pet by Pampered Chef

The Boys of Summer