Boarding and Grooming


Donna Zirkle


Leslie Buchanan

Leslie is originally from Marion, NC, and moved to Raleigh in 2010 to attend North Carolina State University.  She currently has three cats; Jaspurr, Yoshi, and Ojo Loco. Ojo also goes by the alias Bella.  She has also recently adopted a rescue puppy named Jax. Some of her hobbies are hiking with Jax, mountain biking, and painting. One of her  favorite things about working at Bayleaf is meeting some truly wonderful pets, and having the opportunity to care for them when they board.











Joshua Manley

Joshua was born in Lancaster, PA and moved to Raleigh fifteen years ago.  He has a house with five dogs, three cats, and one that lives under his bed, protecting him from the monsters that come out at night! He also has a 20 year-old African gray parrot named Jacob. Joshua’s hobbies include fishing, camping, hiking, and sport shooting. He has recently acquired a kayak as well. There are many things he likes about working at Bayleaf. The people are very nice and there is sometimes free food and team building activities!











Joe Morek


Grace Brubaker












Chris Ervay

Chris has been Bayleaf’s groomer since 1997. Born in Elmira, New York, Chris moved to western NC during his early childhood and then to Raleigh as a young adult. His pets include two Brussels Griffons, a Bengal cat, and a blue and gold Macaw. Chris enjoys meeting clients from all walks of life and earning the confidence of them and their pets.











Angelo Blacknall